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Welcome to Triple Holler Boer Goats

Hello! We are Danny and Lisa, and our 56 acre farm is located in Windsor Kentucky, just off the Cumberland Parkway, 75 miles south of Lexington and 125  miles from Louisville. We take pride in our Boer Goats and strive to produce good quality Traditional and Colored Boer Goats For Sale In Kentucky, and are raising some beautiful Fullblood and Percentages in our stock. Currently our herd Bucks consist of our Red Dappled Buck, Stormin Hot Moonshine, and our Black Paint Buck, Babar.
Our Bloodlines include:
RRD Rapid Fire, RRD RemFire "Ennobled",RRD Remington "Ennobled", RYALS Topbrass "Ennobled", EggsFile "Ennobled", TopGun No.2 "Ennobled", Eggspensive "Ennobled", Ram H Tobias "Ennobled", DSM Wobbles "Ennobled", Eggstreme "Ennobled", Sasquatch "Ennobled", Eggsample, Eggs-RYALS Magnum "Ennobled".
Our bloodlines also include some Nico Botha genetics from South Africa via Australia.

Our foundation Boer Goats are from Kentucky and Tennessee, and our location is ideal for anyone looking for Boer Goats In Central Kentucky, as well as Eastern Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania. Please check out our Boer Goats For Sale page whenever you're considering a new addition. With the addition of our Red Dappled Buck to our herd, we are now able to offer Dappled as well as Dapple Headed goats. We also have Black and Blackheads, so we're able to offer a variety of Colored Boer Goats For Sale. I think the Colored and Paint Boer Goats are beautiful.

Our goats are all out on pasture, year round, which seems to make them very happy. They're given feed everyday, which they love, and have access to goat mineral , free choice, as a supplement. We also feed them square bale hay in the winter. We spend alot of time out with our goats, and most are pretty easy going. Some are all to eager to help you out. We currently have seven Large Guard Dogs protecting our Boer Goats. They are Pyrenees and mixed Great Pyrennes and Anatolian Mastiff. They are amazing, and you can hardly believe how well they do there job,  untill you actually see them at work. We have them divided up into the different pasture sections.
If anyone is interested in raising a pup or two with their Boer Goats, let us know and we can arrange to breed some Dogs For Sale also. If you're wanting to add to your herd, or are just getting started, check out our Boer Goats For Sale page. I'm sure you newcomers will soon love them as much as we do!                


Triple Holler Boer Goats

Lisa Pfeiffer
Windsor, KY 42565

606-271-9180  - Lisa's Cell

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